In-Depth Surveys and Other Research
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Our ultimate goal at UpTogether is to influence philanthropy and government to adopt our approach and trust and invest directly in families. One way we do that is by providing them insight about the impact of investing in families and communities in this way. To gather this insight, we sometimes partner with researchers or other organizations to conduct in-depth surveys, interviews or focus groups. These activities take place on the UpTogether platform. And because they require more of your time to complete, you are paid for your time and participation.

Eligibility and Participation

To ensure the right mix of participants for these surveys, interviews, or focus groups, we use our member database and select people to invite to participate. This selection process can be based on geography, household size, parental status, or several other factors. If you are invited to participate, you will receive an email with details. These invitations are personal and cannot be shared or forwarded. If you know others who might want to participate, you can invite them to join UpTogether, however we cannot guarantee they will be selected to participate in these paid survey opportunities in the future.

Because of the selection process stated above, please do not contact UpTogether directly to ask if there are any paid surveys available.

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