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How to Find Other Members?
How to Find Other Members?
Updated over a week ago

Step 1.

On the Menu, select “Member Directory.”

Step 2.

On the right side of the “Member Directory” page, you will see “Filter Results.” You can search by a member’s First Name, Last Name, or City. Fill out whichever fields are best and then select “Search.”

Step 3.

Once you select “Search”, your results will appear. If no results are visible, you may need to refine your search—verify correct spelling— and try again. . If your results show the correct member, you can message the member directly, or you can “Reset” the “Filter Results” to search for someone else you would like to contact.

Step 4.

To “Filter Results” that search for members by City, enter the desired information into the “City” field, and select “Search” to find members in a particular city.

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