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Why does my Application Status say "Forfeited"?
Why does my Application Status say "Forfeited"?
Updated over a week ago

It is possible for an application to be approved for funds, but for the Application Status to eventually change to Forfeited.

When an approved application is Restricted or shows a Failed Payment, applicants receive several emails notifying them of the issue. If the issue is not resolved after an extended period of time, a 30-day warning will be sent alerting the applicant that the funds are at risk of being lost.

If there is still no response, any scheduled payment will be returned to the funding organization and the Application Status will change to Forfeited.

If you feel your Application Status has been changed to Forfeited in error, please contact the organization that provided you with an Invitation Code or otherwise helped you submit an application. You can also contact the UpTogether Support Center.

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