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When Should I Receive My Fund Payouts?
When Should I Receive My Fund Payouts?
Updated over a week ago

UpTogether has improved the payout schedule for all members receiving funds. We understand the importance of timely payouts in managing your finances and have made adjustments to meet your needs better.

Monthly Payouts

Starting immediately, all monthly payouts will be processed before the first day of the month. This means you will receive your monthly payouts by the 1st of each month.

Quarterly Payouts

For members receiving quarterly payouts, you can now expect your funds by the first day of the appropriate month.

Twice-a-Month Payouts

Members who receive payouts twice a month will also benefit from our updated schedule. Your payouts will now be processed and sent to you by the 1st and 15th of each month.

Why Did We Make This Change?

After listening to feedback from our UpTogether community, we learned that many members have bills due on the first of the month. Waiting until then to receive payouts can add unnecessary stress and complicate financial management. By ensuring that your payouts are processed before the first day of each month, we aim to make managing your finances—and transferring your money—a little easier and more convenient.

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